July 30th – International News Round-Up (Part II)


Fair Observer

Alternative media sources are getting bigger and bigger. People aren’t going to the same big newspapers to get opinions on how to view the world. I get that you’re going to have a fair amount of skepticism about that statement, because alternative news is mostly alt-right. Which is true. This article though speaks of non-profit newspapers and smaller publications that have alternative business models and stay up and running through a combination of factors, which are not related to advertising income.

Slate Star Codex

On twitter practices and feuds. The ethics of signal boosting a person’s awful/embarrassing comment.



Almost 2, 000 people have been died in Yemen due to Cholera. Red Cross estimates that there will be 600, 000 cases by the end of 201.



On the issue of a right-wing organization asking for Tagore to be removed from NCERT text books. I don’t think anyone can really deny that there has been an obvious attempt to color society and the national narrative a certain way, over the past 3 years. The one thing that surprised me was the fact that the author mentions that the RSS is not a registered organization. That’s literally the first time I’m hearing this. That’s quite a shocker.

The Wire

A wealth increase of 300% for Amit Shah, and articles being pulled off the TOI website. Looks bad.

Amit Shah (Source: Wiki Commons)
Amit Shah (Source: Wiki Commons)

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