July 29th – International News Round-Up (Part II)



Survival games are a lot of fun. I can’t afford to buy any so I end up watching playthroughs on Youtube a lot. What the author writes about survival games is something that struck me too. All of them are so focused on other facets of the ecosystem surrounding the player (he mentions dinosaurs and magic as examples), that they forget that we are human beings (mostly) who are playing the game, and that there needs to be a focus on the nuts and bolts of survival for players to start to form an emotional connection to the character.

ARK Survival Game (Image Source: Flickr)
ARK Survival Game (Image Source: Flickr)



I guess nobody really thought that voting machines were impenetrable. Like the article mentions, shouldn’t we be paying more attention to the actual hacks (that were on organizations and their databases).

United Kingdom

LSE Blog

Cities will be hit hardest by Brexit. This makes sense to me. The biggest fear in all this is that London will cease to be a hub for financial services. What makes it worse is that there are cities that are in the EU that can make use of the time that Britain takes to exit the union to shift bases of operation. Not a perfect answer to what’s going to happen, but it’s something. The article also mentions that though it might be intuitive to see that the hardest hit portions would be those that wanted to remain, the effects of this will eventually spread farther. Like during the financial crisis.

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