Jul 27th – International News Round-Up (Part I)

Alt-Right/ Neo- Nazi

National Alliance via VNN Forum

Article is the transcript of a radio broadcast. It’s actually the first article that I have read that very clearly details the basis of the worldview of all those who are on Daily Stormer and the Vanguard Network and the entire Neo-Nazi alliance. The specific question that I had was what was the fount of much of this rhetoric. According to the Dr. Pierce that is said to have been the man behind the broadcast, the Jewish world that he sees as taking hold in the world, all came from this one transcript: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which had been published by a Russian, who had got him from another Russian official who had got it from a member of the Russian Nobility, who had herself got it from a Jew in Paris.

He then goes on to explain how communism was essentially harnessed by this alliance of Jews to wrestle power away from the gentiles. It’s difficult to see how communism could have been one monolithic institution that could have been manipulated to a specific end. Dr. Pierce counts Marx and Stalin as players in this game that he sees playing out in the world. Interestingly he points out that the Russian who published the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was not publishing an already finished document, but was instead a patriot who recognized how “harmful” the Jews were to Russia and decided to create this bit of literature to illustrate his point.

Sounds like baiting to me.

United States


FiveThirtyEight and their weekly political chat on what Trump hopes to gain from this Sessions fiasco, what’s going to happen to Comey and if this is a bad situation for the administration (yes, it is.)



Motherboard (VICE) video on what you need to build an ethereum mining rig and the parts that you need to do it. Use the links and VICE Media gets kickbacks. Support them if you like them, maybe. Or alternatively you could go on Youtube and learn how to do it. It’s not that complex. Though I will have to warn you that it’s not worth the effort unless you have the money to really scale up the process and know how to create cooling solutions for these monster mining rigs that people have.

Ethereum (Image Source: Flickr)
Ethereum (Image Source: Flickr)

(1) MSI Z-170a Motherboard – http://fave.co/2vGI3LV

(2) 470rx Gigabyte graphics processing units –

(2) powered risers – http://fave.co/2h19X22

(8) ½ in. aluminum angles – http://fave.co/2h1a1P8 cut to 14 inches

(5) ½ in. aluminum angles – http://fave.co/2h1a1P8 cut to 24 inches

(3) 1×2 wooden blocks – http://fave.co/2h1uyTJ

(1) 1000 watt Corsair power supply unit – http://fave.co/2vH129p

(1) Intel Celeron G3900 central processing unit –

(1) 4 GB stick of RAM – http://fave.co/2vGLcvc

(1) power switch – http://fave.co/2h0y0hE

(1) ethernet cable – http://fave.co/2h1diOs

(1) 16 GB USB stick – http://fave.co/2vGJMkk

(1) computer monitor – http://fave.co/2vH9y8i

(1) computer keyboard – http://fave.co/2vGPIK6

(1) computer mouse – http://fave.co/2h1iGRC

(1) pack of zipties – http://fave.co/2h11I69

(36) self-driving screws – http://fave.co/2vGLjXP

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